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Electrical    Fire Alarm   &   Low Voltage Systems


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  • Dedicated Project Management  
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  • Full Team Commitment to Excellence

Customer Service

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  • Planning Coordination & Collaboration
  • Team & Success Oriented Operations


The core strength of any contractor is the quality of their people. Our field personnel produce top quality workmanship while ensuring that all installations are code compliant. Our standards exceed that of industry norms and we proudly stand behind our work!

As electricians, fire alarm and systems technicians it is our responsibility to have an understanding of and a command over the following authorities: The National Electric Code (NFPA 70) contains the foundational criteria that governs the safety of our electrical systems. The National Fire Alarm Code (NFPA 72) contains the national standard required for all aspects of fire alarm system installations, including location, testing and maintenance. The Florida Energy Code contains state requirements for efficiency standards.

Between the quality of our installations and the implementation of national codes and state regulations, you can count on our expertise.


A pleasurable experience in the construction business is hard to find. Not so with Advanced Power Systems. We proudly bring professionalism to the project! Respectful and responsive attitudes are the norm with our entire staff including Estimators, Project Managers and Field personnel.

Our electricians fully appreciate the on-site hierarchy and conduct themselves accordingly. Our people are always found to be respectful and professional. Our management staff strive for superior customer service. The mission is to make our interaction as productive and pleasurable as possible.

We believe in and advocate for  a team effort as well as a prepared approach for an efficient and successful build!

Advanced Power Systems proudly executes our operations predicated on the characteristics of Expertise, Professionalism and Respect.